Dental Implants

USED FOR:replacing missing teeth, fixing dentures, smilemakeover

TIME SCALE 1 Week (1 Visits)

FROM € 550

Implants are an option for replacing missing teeth. They are placed directly into the jawbone, so they hold false teeth in place in the same way that the roots support your natural teeth. Implants can last for many years.

They are an alternative to conventional bridges and partial dentures. If you find that your denture moves around a lot in your mouth, implants may help to anchor the denture in place. When you loose teeth, your jaw bone may start to shrink. Implants can help slow down this process.

The dentist may recommend using implants to support a bridge rather than affecting healthy teeth either side of a gap. Implants are not appropriate for everyone.You need to be in good general health, have healthy gums and your jawbone must be thick enough for the implant. There are, however, surgical procedures to increase the amount of bone in your jaw. Implants are more likely to be successful if you don't smoke. Your dentist will advise you whether implants are a suitable treatment for you.

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